Pros of dating a british man

Because, seriously, who knew that pants means underwear across the pond? English Pubs take day-drinking to a whole new level. British politeness is not just a stereotype.

They could bump into a tree and will still quickly apologize. Admittedly weird American things such as a carousel in the mall will seem completely alien to them. Also, very normal American things will be fascinating to them.

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You miss them all day, all the time. You should probably brush up on your knowledge of American sports.

You will learn to love Skype dates. Watching a movie together on Skype can even be almost as good as the real thing! Tea will always be their first love.

British men

I kid you not, it is treated as a religion over there. A few of the best are squirrel, mocha, aluminum, and strawberry. You will not be disappointed. They do not find your attempt at a British accent as cute and endearing as you may think.

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  • Why it's better to date British men than American men - Telegraph.

All of your friends will love him. He will always say sorry. He will regularly do old-fashioned, charming things such as holding the door open for you.

British men love travelling. He will look seriously dapper in a suit with tails.

What It’s Really Like Dating a British Man

Some men look foolish in a classy suit, but British men pull them off well. He will make you a cup of tea whenever you are having a bad day. Profile Mail Search Admirers My account.