Dating managing expectations

But no matter how much love there is between people, feelings can and do change. Everyone has the right to end any relationship at any time, for any reason. Doing that requires trust and sturdy boundaries that are well understood by everyone in the relationship.

After all, being single can be great! However, that kind of intimate understanding only comes from lots and lots of honest and respectful communication. It takes time and effort to develop secret codes, inside jokes and a deep understanding of someone, so we have to be patient.

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Even when we do have that level of comfort, misunderstandings will happen in every relationship, regardless of how long the relationship has existed. What determines whether those misunderstandings are healthy or unhealthy is how those conflicts are handled. Part of the fun of dating is going out on the town, but being equally cool spending an evening at home is key for a long-term relationship.

Alternate high-octane dates with low-key hangouts to see if the connection holds up minus the glitz and glamour.

Managing Dating Expectations

But when you get intimate too quickly, you may feel like you know each other better than you actually do, Chlipala says. Plus, if it tends to happen a lot, it could be a sign that you might be insecure about relationships and are using sex as a way to hold a guy's attention.

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But if you hop right to the sack, you may be sending the wrong message. If things moved too quickly right off the bat—or if you're trying to break a bad habit of sex early on in the dating process—forget the drinks and dinner scene. Join Now Log In. Her excitement turned to fear as she walked up to the hostess. Her stomach tightened with nervousness knowing the time of truth was at hand. Her heart pounded as the hostess escorted her to the table where Brian was sitting. She took one look at him and her heart sunk.

She faked a smile as she thought about the long evening ahead with this man that was not her type.

Real Talk About Relationship Expectations |

The source of all upsets in our lives is simply in our expectations. In dating , we have expectations that the date will be polite, handsome and pick up the check.

Our expectations may even escalate to imagine that they will sweep us off our feet and we will fall passionately in love. Unfortunately, this type of date is very rare.

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Don't get me wrong, I am not saying to give up on finding "him," but in letting go of our expectation of how and when he shows up. If Susan would look at the evening as meeting a new friend, an entirely different scenario may have occurred. She would have been more laid back, enjoyed the evening with Brian even if he wasn't her type and might have become good friends with him.

How To Manage Expectations In Your Dating & Relationships

Brian could have a cute friend that she liked a few months down the line. Instead, like most of us, if something or someone doesn't turn out the way we expect, we shut our minds off from other possibilities. Managing our expectations is a great way to be free from emotional upsets in dating.

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  • When you feel someone hurt you, go back and analyze what you were expecting to happen. Did you expect him to leave his girlfriend after he told you he loved you?