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They need clean up, flint and wicks. Do you offer repair service? Sue Dittus September 21, What would be the value of a Ronson Viking lighter, never used, in its original box with fuel cartridge and small paper info sheet in original cover?

Katy Sedgwick February 3, I was searching for Ronson vintage lighter repairs. Thank You, Katy Sedgwick. I have five Ronson lighters like that one. I'm surprised that you haven't been able to find anything online. There are many lighter collecting websites, and some dedicated to Ronsons. I know that many of the websites are heavy on images and light on information.

The lighter you have looks like a Ronson De-Light "Standard" or "Princess" from the mid- to lates, but I can't say for certain. The lighter should have a model name and patent number printed on the bottom. The model name and patent number can help you date the lighter. Jul 11, 6.

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The patent on the bottom says this: Jul 11, 7. First and foremost, what you have is a nice lighter with vintage class. You didn't say in what year you acquired it and that would be helpful in determining its age; but, judging from the condition, I'd say take that year as a base and deduct at least 10 years.

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The patent numbers will definitely help, but I don't have any references on that. You didn't ask for an appraisal, but let me say my only concern from a what's-its-value standpoint is the apparent amount of wear and tear. Also, does it work? It is not Art Deco. That's a term that some people seem willing to apply to anything from the 20s or 30s that happens to be silver in color. And it should never be applied to anything made after There is a difference between true, vintage Deco and "Deco-inspired"; and Decophiles will bow up on you on that.

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To qualify as Deco to a collector, an item needs to show at least one subtle or quite prominent element of commonly-accepted Deco-design aspects: These are some examples, but certainly not an all-inclusive list. The three lighters in the middle of FourKingTwenty's picture would come closer to qualifying as Deco for that reason.

An argument could be made that they are all Machine Age lighters; but I think that, too, is a stretch. Just being machine made or machined in the process won't get something automatic respect from those collectors either. Your lighter's value will lie in the eye of its beholder. Collectors of vintage lighters would surely pay more than required. Someone who just appreciates vintage items do we know anyone like that around here?

A Deco collector would simply pass it up.

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If your lighter works, I'd encourage you to carry it -- though not take up smoking this advice coming from an avid cigar lover as a habit. In any other situation where the gift of fire is needed, it will make a better impression than whipping out a Bic!!! Just find the right buyer. Jul 11, 8. Jul 11, 9. I believe Miss Neecerie has nailed it! Jul 11, Thank you all very much for the info!

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I'm not looking to sell the lighter or anything. Once the 's rolled around there were many Companies competing for the burgeoning market of mass-produced lighters and smoking accessories. Ronson had developed and patented the Banjo lighter in which began the one-motion lighter craze, one-motion meaning "Press it's lit, Release it's out" style of lighter. This was a pivotal point for Ronson's success, their Patent offered specific protection for the Ronson invention in the U. This meant that no other company could produce an automatic lighter until Ronson's Patent rights expired.

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It would not be long before their patent rights were put to the test. From a lighter collector's point of view, it is clear that many companies copied Ronson's mechanism and at least one company pushed Ronson management to the breaking point and a lawsuit was filed for Patent infringement. Lighters were a natural choice to compliment their product line. They had produced a popular line of lighters called Lift Arm lighters in the mid 's, but the one motion phenomenon had begun and smokers wanted the latest and greatest products. When Evans began produced lighters that violated their exclusive patent rights, Ronson was forced to pursue a legal remedy.

Although it took several court cases and many years, Ronson's exclusive patent rights finally assured their right to the automatic style of lighter and the Evans company had to pay Ronson a royalty for every lighter they produced. The Art Deco Period: Although Ronson had been in business for over two decades, they were focussed on producing metal wares with wonderful plated and enamelled finishes. The success of their cigarette lighters changed the direction of the Company and as the Art Deco movement swept the country in the early 's, Ronson was ready with reliable products and trend setting designs.

Many of the most popular and desirable designs are attributable to one man's creativity, Frederick Kaupmann.

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We have designed this site to feature products from the Art Deco period, 's through 's. Within this site you will find photographs and descriptions of cigar and cigarette lighters manufactured by Ronson, we have also included some other Ronson products which may surprise you.

It is simply amazing the incredible variety and seemingly endless designs attributable to Ronson and their employees. This company was a leader of the Art Deco movement in America, and probably, the world. Ronson was so prolific that it would be impossible to display all of their products in this forum. The site is only a glimpse of the ingenuity and diversity of this company.