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Like any community, online or otherwise, people seeking arrangements use a variety of social cues and codes. Of course, expressed slightly more delicately. When writing to dudes, I made jokes and referenced their profile info when at all possible. I requested access to their onsite private photos.

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  3. 'He's bought our son one jumper, I've bought everything else';
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I met guys for meals, for nice drinks, for afternoon coffees. But of course, you gotta talk money. We listen, we empathize, we validate, we concern ourselves. We remember life events and interviews and minutia. We are generous with our time and our bodies.

Let me be clear: I enjoy participating in these small acts of love for my friends and family. But even strangers consider themselves entitled to our smiles. Shop Bellesa Sex Toys. Sign up to our newsletter. I don't think it would change if we were married, I really don't. The main reason we're together is because of our son, so he can have a stable upbringing. It's not the best relationship in the world. They have been living together for seven months. We haven't been cohabiting very long and it's safer to buy some things individually, in case we were to split. We moved last weekend and bought some furniture together.

We said that if we were to split up, the other person would pay the difference to buy it off the other. He earns a bit more than me, and he's got more disposable income, so if he wants to buy something and I'm all, "Oh, I don't really want to buy that", we'll both use it but he pays for it.

We'll joke about it. I'll say, "You earn more than me, it's so unfair. It's quite a laid-back relationship. Everything has a receipt: Receipts for everything that we both use go in. I think if we got married, there wouldn't be as much keeping track of how much we spend.

For us, it's still quite early on. You never know what's going to happen. Then we use our money — what we've got left — on what we want.

And I have a separate account for my gambling — mainly football betting. I've made a few grand a few times. I'm doing OK at the moment, but sometimes I lose it all. I wouldn't want to gamble with her money, definitely not.

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She probably doesn't realise how much I spend on it. We're trying to save at the moment, so she'd probably mind. A lot of my friends do pretty similar things, if they've got girlfriends they're living with. People like to keep their independence. Bill, 71, is a retired dustman and construction worker. His wife Margaret, 67, is a retired local government worker.

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I was brought up when there wasn't a lot, during the war, with violence from my father, and left school at When I met my wife, she had a big bank account — when she met me, it disappeared very quickly. I'm an alcoholic, but I haven't had a drink for 26 and a half years. I never had a bank account until the mids. You used to get your wages in cash. I gave my wife her money every week and I had my money to drink. It was a struggle; we struggled through life. The missus didn't work once the first child came along in What was hers was mine and what was mine was my own.

This year we've been together for 50 years. Our only income is our pensions, which pay for our housing association home. Growing up, we always had family, and families seemed to pull together.

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I don't think there's enough of that these days. I carry a very small purse: Very rarely there's notes in it, but I'm never broke. It was Valentine's Day the other day and I had enough in to buy flowers for the missus. They weren't red roses, they weren't chocolates. They were a small bunch of daffodils and now they're blooming.

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Pete, 47, lives on benefits. His ex-wife Zoe is 45 and a full-time mother of their two children. We were a couple with no children in our mids with two good incomes. Refunds for course withdrawals will follow the pro rata schedule used for university withdrawals as per the Refund Policy. Exceptions to the pro rata schedule for course withdrawal are:. Home Graduate Catalog Financial Arrangements. All payments are due in U. Pay Online Pay online using credit card or debit card. Mail your payment to: Payment Plans Graceland University is pleased to offer a payment plan allowing a monthly payment schedule.

Acknowledge that failure to make a required payment by the stated deadline can result in late fee s ; registration suspension; registration cancellation; withdrawal from the university; and withholding of a transcript, grade, or degree. Pay all costs, expenses, and collection agency or attorney fees related to the collection of the obligation, to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa.

Acknowledge that Graceland University will report any delinquency, default or other credit experience pertaining to this agreement to any or all credit reporting agencies. Credit Balance Balance of funds in excess of charges created by financial aid will be paid directly to the student with the exception of Parent Plus Loans which will be payable to the parent. Contact Student Financial Services with specific questions. Refunds and Return of Financial Aid for Course Withdrawals Financial aid awards will be re-evaluated as appropriate for course withdrawals or changes in enrollment status.